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Name: Bianca Margaret Van Dor
Age: 20
Sex: Girl
Single/Taken: Taken.. v. secksi boyfriend
Location: Fresno, CA
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 5'1"

3 Favorite...
Colors: Red, Pink, Black
Movies: Heartbreakers, Josie and the Pussycats, Donnie Darko
Books: The Great Gatsby, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The entire Harry Potter series
Actors: Johnny Depp, Patrick Dempsey, Bruce Willis
Actresses: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Caroline Dhavernas
Bands/Singers: Stroke 9, The Used, My Chemical Romance
Songs: Lil John: Get Low, The Used: Blue and Yellow, Something Corporate: If You See Jordan
Foods: Coldstones raspberry cheescake ice cream, lasagne, mexican
Places to Vacation: Shaver Lake, Lindsay, Jacksonville
Clothing Stores: Salvation Army, Macy's, Target
Designer Labels: Bonfire, Puma, Keil

Give a brief opinion on
Abortion: I think it's very irresponsible in most cases. Life is about making choices and dealing with the consequences.
Gay Marriage: I think all marriages should be happy.
AIDs/HIV: Yeah.. those suck.
Teen Drinking: It's all about responsibility and attitude (as in not having an immature one).

Promote us in THREE places, show us the links *no promoting communities please*

This is me promoting you in my livejournal.

Here is my xanga.. perhaps we can convince them of the superiority of live journal.

This is a lion's xanga site on which I have promoted your community. Please enjoy the music.

Post 3-5 Pictures of Yourself (no links, we want pictures!)

Evil sunlight, but definitely representing with the pink shirt here

My boyfriend so helpfully pointed out tonight that he took this picture.. so I have to give him credit.

This is the man himself.. my very only secksi boyfriend.

This is a squirrel. Definitely nature's most preppy animal. I took this picture last year.

Why do you want to join this community?:
Because I've been preppy ever since a fateful day about 3 years ago and it's finally time I come out of the so-called preppy closet.
Why are you preppy?: I owe everything to the Official Preppy Handbook. We would all be lost without it.
Any last comments?: Vote Dukakis.
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