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Welcome to prep_style!

This is a community for all things preppy. It is a forum to discuss the latest fashions and designers, create banners and icons, and to just enjoy being a prep! This is a fairly new community, so the first five applicants will be automatically accepted. The only rule for the auto-accepted members is that you still need to post an application so we can get an idea of who you are! Also, please read the rules CAREFULLY before applying!

Rules for Applicants:
♪ Please post your application within 24 hours of joining, anything longer than that shows lack of dedication to the community unless you email the mods with a good reason why you haven't done so.
♪ Applicants must be between 13 and 21 years old... this is a teen-based community, so we want to try to keep membership between these ages
♪ No arguing with the mods, what we say goes.
♪ If you are rejected, you have one more chance to apply with new pictures and modified answers, but you must wait one week in between each application. If you are rejected twice, please accept the fact that this community isn't for you.
♪ Do not delete your post if you are rejected! That's not cool.
♪ DnT tYpE lYkE dIs... it makes you look stupid, and preps are not stupid people
♪ Use correct grammar and spelling whenever possible!!!
♪ You may not post in the community until you are accepted, and you may not comment on other posts except your own until you are accepted.
♪ This IS a rating community, if you can't take constructive criticism, we suggest you do not apply.
♪ Your application MUST BE UNDER A LJ CUT!!!
♪ Make sure to BOLD the questions in your application, but NOT your answers
♪ The subject line of your application should read Application
♪ The LJ cut text should read I <3 my prep style, so we know you've read the rules.
♪ Do not argue with the members and their votes. And don't comment on every vote either, it gets annoying after a while.

Rules for Members:
♪ Vote, Post, Promote!!!
♪ When voting on new applicants, please be honest but don't be cruel. We give constructive criticism, but we don't bash people because of their personality. Failure to comply with this rule will result in warnings from the mods, but if you continue to bash the applicants, you will be banned from this community.
♪ Preps are not bitches, so please try to take your drama somewhere else! Healthy debates are allowed, but there will be no prep wars!
♪ New ideas are always welcome, so feel free!
♪ All long entries, pictures, promos, etc must be under a LJ cut
♪ All post subjects should say "Stamped: [whatever]" just because it's easier that way
♪ You may promote other communities, but each member is only allowed one promotion per week, and it MUST be under a LJ cut!!!
♪ If you have a problem with another member of the community, instead of starting world war III, please email the mods!!! we will be keeping tabs on the posts, but please try to be mature!
♪ Have fun rocking the pearls and popping those collars! <3


Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:

3 Favorite...
Places to Vacation:
Clothing Stores:
Designer Labels:

Give a brief opinion on
Gay Marriage:
Teen Drinking:

Promote us in THREE places, show us the links *no promoting communities please*

Post 3-5 Pictures of Yourself (no links, we want pictures!)

Why do you want to join this community?:
Why are you preppy?:
Any last comments?:

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Ralph Lauren is Prep-Style Love.